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MAGIC TULSA, by            
First Line: O city of beauty and thrift and romance!
Last Line: It's right here in tulsa -- our magic home town.
Subject(s): Tulsa, Oklahoma

O city of beauty and thrift and romance!
Your charms do enthrall everyone at a glance.
From East and from West or, wherever we roam,
There's none to compare to this place we call home.

Before your proud day in this far hunting ground,
The prairie dog, rabbit and wolf were all found.
Our Indian braves roamed in calmest content,
And traded with us through curiosity bent.

Soon came strange men with their divining rod,
Exposing the secrets here hidden by God,
In shady-like wastes down, down deep in our soil,
At the touch of their magical wand flowed oil, oil.

And then -- over night saw the fight of the throng,
With greed for the dollar, the wine and the song,
They came in a rush to our boundless new store,
This whetted our muscles and brains all the more.

Yet, out of this chaos and rough combination,
Our Tulsa was born in the heart of the nation,
Endowed with a spirit that burned like oil fire,
But now, here expressed in each temple and spire.

Each year the folks laughed and they scoffed and they swore
That, after this boom her proud days would be o'er.
But, with that same courage, I'm proud to relate,
Our Tulsa has grown and can still celebrate.

So thus, while we ponder and marvel and praise,
We'll drink a proud toast to then, now and always,
To beauty and culture and highest renown,
It's right here in Tulsa -- our magic home town.

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