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THE FAR MOUNTAINS, by            
First Line: The far mountains have a crown of white
Last Line: As they tramp the delectable solitudes.
Subject(s): Mountains; Hills; Downs (great Britain)

The far mountains have a crown of white.
Age-old philosophers,
brooding over the earth,
observing man,
holding controversies of beauty,
declaring wonder,
have grown white-pated and somber.
The far mountains are hidden in mist.
What deity of the outward space
masks his walking?
Shall we walk the valley,
cross the plain
and climb those high mountains
to consult the distant gods?
Winter were too arduous
for such a wandering
and today the waterlilies
are sirens in the garden ponds.
I think the far gods must rest secure.
I shall not disturb them
as they tramp the delectable solitudes.

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