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A CELEBRATION OF CHARIS: 3. WHAT HE SUFFERED, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: After many scorns like these
Last Line: Hear and make example too.

After many scorns like these,
Which the prouder beauties please,
She content was to restore
Eyes and limbs, to hurt me more,
And would on conditions, be
Reconciled to love, and me:
First, that I must kneeling yield
Both the bow, and shaft I held
Unto her; which Love might take
At her hand, with oath, to make
Me, the scope of his next draught
Aimed, with that self-same shaft.
He no sooner heard the law,
But the arrow home did draw
And (to gain her by his art)
Left it sticking in my heart:
Which when she beheld to bleed,
She repented of the deed,
And would fain have changed the fate,
But the pity comes too late.
Loser-like, now, all my wreak
Is, that I have leave to speak,
And in either prose, or song,
To revenge me with my tongue,
Which how dexterously I do
Hear and make example too.

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