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TO SIR JOHN RADCLIFFE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: How like a column, radcliffe, left alone
Last Line: Wherewith, against thy blood, they offenders be.
Subject(s): Radcliffe, Sir John (1580-1627)

How like a column, Radcliffe, left alone
For the great mark of virtue, those being gone
Who did, alike with thee, thy house upbear,
Stand'st thou, to show the times what you all were!
Two bravely in the battle fell, and died,
Upbraiding rebels' arms, and barbarous pride;
And two, that would have fallen as great, as they,
The Belgic fever ravished away.
Thou, that art all their valour, all their spirit,
And thine own goodness to increase thy merit,
Than whose I do not know a whiter soul,
Nor could I, had I seen all Nature's roll,
Thou yet remain'st, unhurt in peace or war,
Though not unproved: which shows, thy fortunes are
Willing to expiate the fault in thee,
Wherewith, against thy blood, they offenders be.

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