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LATE OCTOBER, by            
First Line: How peacefully the sunlight fell
Last Line: Beneath the gray skies of october.
Subject(s): October

How peacefully the sunlight fell
Across the woodland's pleasant reaches,
And like a shower of gilded rain
The leaves dropped from the golden beeches!
Far down the shadowy aisles I heard
An undertone of plaintive sighing,
As if the waning Summer wept
For all her glories dead and dying.

The golden-rod, with drooping plume,
Had lost its aureole of gladness;
The starless mullein by the road
Dropped down its seeds like tears of sadness;
The far-off hill, veiled like a bride,
Seemed wedded to the sky immortal;
And through the sunset's golden gate
There flashed the gleam of heaven's portal.

O peaceful hour, O faith renewed,
That touched the fading earth with sweetness,
And lifted up my heart in thanks
For life's glad measure of completeness!
Though dead leaves rustle at my feet,
And all the fields are brown and sober,
The heart may blossom with new hope
Beneath the gray skies of October.

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