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SWEET GLENGARIFF'S WATER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Where wildfowl swim upon the lake
Last Line: By sweet glengariff's water.
Subject(s): Glengariff, Ireland

WHERE wildfowl swim upon the lake
At morning's early shining,
I'm sure, I'm sure, my heart will break
With sadness and repining.
As I went out one morning sweet,
I met a farmer's daughter,
With gown of blue, and milk-white feet,
By sweet Glengariff's water.

Her jet-black locks, with wavy shine,
Fell sweetly on her shoulder,
And, ah! they make my heart repine
Till I again behold her.
She smiled, and passed me strangely by,
Though fondly I besought her,
And long I'll rue her laughing eye
By sweet Glengariff's water.

Where wildfowl swim upon the lake
At morning's early splendor,
Each day my lonely path I'll take,
With thoughts full sad and tender;
I'll meet my love, and sure she'll stay
To hear the tale I've brought her,
To marry me this merry May
By sweet Glengariff's water.

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