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A MOUNTAIN BROOK, by            
First Line: I come from the depths of the mountain
Last Line: Of my mother, the sky-tinted ocean.
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

I COME from the depths of the mountain,
The dark, hidden head of the fountain,
I spring from a nook in the ledges,
And bathe the gray granite's rough edges,
I rush over wide mossy masses
To quench the hot thirst of the grasses.
I bathe the cleft hoofs of the cattle,
As o'er the rude ford-stones I rattle.
I glide through the glens deep in shadow;
I flow in the sun-bathed meadow,
And seek, with a shake and a quiver,
The still steady flow of the river,
Then on to the wild rhythmic motion
Of my mother, the sky-tinted ocean.

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