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AWFUL HAZARDOUS, by            
First Line: It's easy sellin' 'taters
Last Line: Is a mighty risky biz!

IT'S easy sellin' 'taters
An' other things 'at grows,
Fer folks is allus hungry,
Ez everybody knows,
An' farmers' work is steady,
The biggest cinch they is;
But sellin' ile, I tell ye,
Is a mighty risky biz!

Of course the ile is handy,
An' folks hev got t' buy,
But wells is mighty freaky
An' frequently goes dry,
An' when they's ile a' plenty
An' prices good an' steep,
They's lots of other fellers
'At wants t' sell it cheap!

An' when y' try t' crowd'em,
Er push'em t' the wall,
They says y're awful greedy,
An' says y' wants it all;
An' when y' don't say nothin',
It makes'em bilin' mad,
An' then they says y're graspin',
An' crooked, too, an' bad!

An' when y're doin' business,
An' sellin' all the ile,
Some feller reads yer letters,
An' things begins t' bile,
An' folks begins a' talkin',
An' things begins t' sizz,
An' sellin'ile, I tell ye,
Is a mighty risky biz!

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