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THE LIVING DEAD, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Battles have you and I to fight and we
Last Line: And only we know of the hell.
Subject(s): Death; Fights; Grief; Dead, The; Sorrow; Sadness

BATTLES have you and I to fight and we fight with the souls of men.
We rise and fall then we heed the call,
And we rise and fall again,
We fight for the right and the sake of the fight,
And we fight at the bid of hate.
We stab with wit and we fend with grit,
But we play the game as the rules are writ,
With never a damn for Fate.

And we sometimes gain and we sometimes lose, but it is n't upon the sleeve,
For we never show that we feel the blow,
And we smile while we hurt and grieve,
When our heart-chords strain and we writhe with pain
And our souls are a livid moan,
We hold it in with a masking grin,
And the world can't tell that we did n't win,
And the world can't hear the groan.

We buy at a price that the fool can't count and the coward's afraid to pay,
And the most we gain is the blind, black pain,
But we keep right in the fray.
We can take the knife 'til it takes our life
And can live in the empty shell.
We are dead and gone but we battle on,
For only we trow of the place that's torn,
And only we know of the Hell.

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