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MY BUDDY, by            
First Line: Want to tell you of my buddy
Last Line: Splendid buddy—is my dad!
Subject(s): Fathers; Hearts; Love

Want to tell you of my buddy.
Buddy? Yes, the only one;
Blue his eyes, his cheeks are ruddy,
Smile as bright as summer sun.

Soft and curly are the locks that
Seem to crown his noble brow;
Black were they when first we met, but
They have turned to silver now.

Voice is musically mellow,
Graceful is his form to see—
Just a strong and stalwart fellow,
Heart as kind as heart can be.

As one life we've dreamed our fancies
We have felt, as one, our joys;
Lived our sorrows, won our victories,
Buddies always—just two boys.

He has guided me the years through
Helping as he, only, can;
Built my bridges with his love true,
Watched me grow from babe to man.

Time has carried 'neath the bridges,
Waters that no more shall flow;
But along life's golden ridges
Hand in hand our hearts shall go.

Some day, he will cross the river,
Leaving me upon the shore.
But the tie that binds us ever,
Shall be broken nevermore!

Would that I might lose him never;
Three score years and ten he's had!
But I'll love, respect him ever,
Splendid buddy—is my dad!

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