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TWILIGHT, by            
First Line: Jes' a-smokin'
Last Line: Prayin' you're a-lovin' too!
Subject(s): Absence; Hearts; Love - Loss Of; Solitude; Separation; Isolation; Loneliness

Jes' a-smokin',
An' a-dreamin',
An' a-thinkin' of you dear;
Jes' a-longin',
An' a-wond'rin',
An' a-wishin' you were here.

Jes' a-watchin'
Lonesome shadders
Cross the empty hearthstones fall;
Jes' a-smokin',
An' a-dreamin',
An' a-lovin' you—that's all!

Jes' a-smokin',
An' a-dreamin'—
Vapor curlin' in the air;
Jes' a-hopin',
An' a-grievin',
An' a-wond'rin' if you care.

Jes' a-watchin'
Twilight fadin'
Night a-fallin' from the blue;
Jes' a-smokin',
An' a-dreamin',
Prayin' you're a-lovin' too!

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