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First Line: The green, fresh jackets of eared corn
Last Line: "machine!"
Subject(s): Contentment; Threshing Machines

THE green, fresh jackets of earèd corn looked cool amid the vibrant heat
As we trod the stacks, and flung, day-long, the yellow bundles of corded wheat
Into the maw of the threshing machine, while the curved knives glinted in the

As they swept with a periodic whirr and clove the bundles, one by one.
The ever-recurring coil of the belt in a black ellipse sped round and round,
And the chuff and snort of the engine's breath the lowing of pastured cattle
drowned. ...

Stack after stack our sturdy arms fed into the jaws of the toothed machine
While the blowing-funnel heaped behind the threshed straw separate and clean,
And the farmers backed their wagons up and held brown bags to a magic spout

From which, in intermittent streams, the yellow grain came rushing out.
When amber twilight softly laid its shadows on the rustling corn,
We stacked our forks, untrussed the belts, and gladly answered the supper-
And, said the foreman, as we sat at board, with hunger whetted keen,
"Let poets sing of flails and such—But I thank God for the threshing

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