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MELE HOONANEA, by            
First Line: The flowers of hawaii are beautiful and fragrent
Last Line: Clothe both birds and flowers.
Subject(s): Flowers; Hawaii

The flowers of Hawaii are beautiful and fragrant;
the women of these fair isles.
The ilima is soft, delicate and pretty:
the women of Oahu

The lehua of Hawaii entice
the birds of beautiful plume;
the women of that isle:
so magnificent, attractive, proud.

The Lokelani is the valley isle,
Maui no ka oi;
it represents the hapa-haole girl
the lovely, but rare, pua kea.

Kauai brings forth the mokihana,
symbolic of spurned love;
the royal purple garbs the garden isle,
giving her unrivaled splendor.

The silvery kukui shines from
Molokai nui a Hina,
attracting to her bosom
the light that never wanes.

The islands of Hawaii are beautiful garbed
in royal colors, abundantly;
the isles are the home of sweet-scented flowers
and exotically plumed birds.

The birds nestle among fragrant flowers;
they live on the nectar that they take.
Red and yellow, silver and green
clothe both birds and flowers.

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