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A BALLAD OF DOROTHY, by            
First Line: It's dorothy! Where's dorothy?
Last Line: Why, who but dorothy?
Subject(s): Long Island (n.y.)

IT'S "Dorothy! Where's Dorothy?"
From morn to even fall,
There's not a lad on Cowslip Farm
Who joins not in the call.
It's Dolly here and Dolly there,
Where can the maiden be?
No wench in all the countryside's
So fine as Dorothy.

With tucked-up gown and shining pail,
Before the day is bright,
Down dewy lanes she singing goes
Among the hawthorns white.
Perchance her roses need her care,
She tends them faithfully.
There's not a rose in all the world
As fresh and sweet as she!

With morning sunshine in her hair
A-churning Dolly stands:
Oh, happy churn, I envy it,
Held close between her hands;
And when the crescent moon hangs bright
Athwart the soft night sky,
Down shady paths we strolling go,
Just Dorothy and I.

As true of heart as sweet of face,
With gay and girlish air,
The painted belles of citydom
Are not a whit as fair.
Come Michaelmas the parish chimes
Will ring out merrily.
Who is the bride I lead to church?
Why, who but Dorothy?

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