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BEAUTY PARAMOUNT, by            
First Line: Come, come, thou glorious object of my sight
Last Line: Among mortals again.

COME, come, thou glorious object of my sight,
O my joy, my life, my only delight
May this glad minute be blest to eternity.
See how the glimmering tapers of the sky
Do gaze and wonder at our constancy.
How they crowd to behold
What our arms do enfold
How all do envy our felicity,
And grudge the triumph of Selindra's eyes.
How Cynthia seeks to shroud
Her crescent in yond cloud,
Where sad Night puts her sable mantle on,
Thy light mistaking, hasteth to be gone;
Her gloomy shades give way
As at th' approach of day,
And all the planets shrink for fear to be
Eclipsed by a brighter deity.
Look, O look how the pale lights do fall and adore
What before
The Heavens have not shown,
Nor their godhead known
Such a faith, such a love,
As may move
Mighty Jove
From above
To descend and remain
Among mortals again.

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