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First Line: Dar's nuffin' hyar but vanity
Last Line: An' silently await de judgment day.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Judas Iscariot (d. 30 A.d.)

DAR'S nuffin' hyar but vanity
An' riches an' insanity;
De dollah seems to be de people's god.
Dar's a heap too many 'Scariots
A-ridin' 'roun' in chariots,
While de po' man am a-carryin' de hod.

Dar's too much haste an' hurryin',
An' too much wealth at buryin',
An' dis hyar t'ing am gettin' worse and worse,
Hit takes all ob de rakin's,
De scrimpin's an' de scrapin's
To liquidate de 'spenses ob de hearse.

Dar's heaps ob care an' worry;
Ebberybody's in a hurry,
An' de few am growin' richer ebbery day;
But de most of us must shovel
For de children in de hovel
An' silently await de judgment day.

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