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AFTER WEIDENFELLER GOES, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: It's goin' to be blamed lonesome after
Last Line: We'll sit around an' say it's jest 'cause weidenfeller's gone.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): California; Idaho

IT's goin' to be blamed lonesome after Weidenfeller goes;
Catastrofies are follerin' right and no one knows
What's goin' to happen next, for banks are bustin' every day
An' now we hear the woeful news that Weid's agoin' away.

Weid agoin'! think o' that! not goin' up above,
Nor out upon Midway Plaisance, that spot the boys all love,
Or goin' to Californy or out to Idaho,
But yet they say he's goin' away, that's why we're filled with woe.

O' course he ain't goin' to die or anything like that,
He's simply got his sal'ry raised and kind o' "standin' pat"
With -- I believe it's with the boss; I'm bamed if I can tell;
But I know Weid's goin' away -- know that mighty well.

I know the Club'll miss 'im lots; so all the fellers here
Are gathered 'round the festal board to-night to give 'im cheer.
An' send 'im off in proper shape, which only goes to show
We're mighty glad he's prosperin' but sad to see 'im go.

I've stood upon the wild sea banks, afar in Michigan,
Just left its sandy shores this morn to be here once again --
Back here to meet our dear old friend, with heart chock full of woe --
An' don't that show I'm mournin', too, cause Weid has got to go?

God bless 'im, and let fortune smile and cheer 'im on each day,
Suckers and fame still tag 'im on an' get right in his way,
So if the Club 'pears lonesome when the frosts are comin' on,
We'll sit around an' say it's jest 'cause Weidenfeller's gone.

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