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DAT'S RIGHT, AIN'T IT?, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: De rich am gettin' richer
Last Line: Ain't it?
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Humanity; Social Classes; Upper Classes; Caste

De rich am gettin' richer
An' de po' am gettin' po'rer.
De mansion's gettin' taller.
But the shanty's gettin' smaller.
De market basket's small
De po' man am a-totin'
An' hits all brought about
By de way yo's been a-votin'.
Dat's right,
Ain't it?

De wood am gettin' sca'ce,
An' de coal am gettin' higher,
An' day say dat ole Monopoly
Is puttin' out my fire.
De wage am mighty small,
Fo' de plane, an' saw, an' mallet,
An' it's all brought about by
De castin' ob yo' ballot.
Dat's right,
Ain't it?

Den stop de emergrashun,
Stop emergrants a-votin',
An' limitate de riches dat
De millionaire am totin'.
Dat's right becase de po' folks
Am not er gwine to stand it,
An' by en by humanity
Will rise up an' demand it.
Dat's right,
Ain't it?

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