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DE RIBBER OB LIFE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I dreamt dat I saw de ribber ob life
Last Line: Dat flows to de jaspah sea.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Life; Rivers

I DREAMT dat I saw de ribber ob life
Dat flows to de Jaspah Sea.
De angels war wadin' to an' fro,
But none ob 'em spoke to me.
Some dipped dere wings in de silb'ry tide;
Some war alone an' some side by side.
Nary a one dat I knew could I see
In dat ribber ob life,
De ribber ob life
Dat flows to de Jaspah Sea.

De ribber was wide, dat ribber ob life;
De bottom I plainly could see.
De stones layin' dar was whiter dan snow;
De sands looked like gold to me.
De angels kep' wadin' to an' fro;
Whar did dey come from?
Whar did dey go?
None ob 'em sinnahs like me, I kno',
In dat ribber ob life,
De ribber ob life
Dat flows to de Jaspah Sea.

De watah was clear as de "well by de gate,"
Whar Jesus de light first see.
De sofes' ob music f'om angel bands
Come ober dat ribber ob golden sands,
Come ober dat ribber to me.
An' den I saw de clouds break away,
Revealin's de pearly gates ob day,
De beautiful day dat nebber shall cease,
Where all is joy, an' lub, an' peace.
An' ovah dem gates was written so clear:
"Peace to all who entah here."
De angels was gedderin' 'roun' de frone,
De gates done closed, I was lef' alone,
Alone on de banks ob a darkenin' stream,
But when I awoke I foun' 'twas a dream.

I'se gwine to ford dat ribber ob life
An' see de eternal day.
I'se gwine to hear dem heavenly bands,
An' feel de tech ob ole-time hands
Dat long hab passed away.
Dar's crowns ob glory for all, I'm told,
An' lubly harps wid strings ob gold.
An' I know ef dar's peace beyond dat sea,
Wid res' fo' de weary, dar's res' fo' me --
Beyond dat ribber, dat ribber ob life,
Dat flows to de Jaspah Sea.

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