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DECORATE DE CABIN, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I'se done gwine ter decorate mah cabin
Last Line: W'y, de white man's house ain' in de thing at all.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben

I'SE done gwine ter decorate mah cabin,
Wid all de brick-er-brack I'se been a-habbin',
Den I'se boun' ter hunt er wife,
'Deed I is, yo' bet yo' life.
Dar's nuffin like a woman roun' er blabbin'.

I'se gwine ter hang a coon skin on de do',
En hab some Turkey rugs roun' on de flo';
An' I nevah yet hab seen
De ole cabin look ser clean,
Ef yo' peep in dar some time yo'll fin' it so.

I los' mah wife las' summah, Jane Safras,
Kase she done got up'n blew out de gas,
An' eber since her leabin'
I'se been a sort o' greebin,
But I hope de one I'se ketchin' now'll las'.

We's gwine ter start right in to decoratin',
An' yo' 'll be surprised at what I'm statin',
She's six feet high en taperin',
En out ob sight in paperin',
I'se mighty glad I'se been so long a-waitin'.

We's gwine ter 'range de pictures on de wall --
Yo' talk about a fine reception hall --
Yo' ought to see de flowahs,
En de chromios in ours,
W'y, de white man's house ain' in de thing at all.

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