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First Line: W'en dis ole man comes ter die
Last Line: S gwine ter please me might'ly.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Death; Dead, The

W'EN dis ole man comes ter die,
Death is mos' unsightly;
Doan' yo' lay me in no room
Wid de pull-down curtain gloom;
'Taint de place de dead should stay
W'en de spirit's gone away,
Off ter where hit's brightly.

'Struct de pa'son 'fore he 'gins,
Tetch the subject tritely;
Kase hit's gen'ly undahstood
I hain't been so pow'ful good;
An' fo' him ter shout an' groan
'Bout me settin' roun' de frone,
'Low hit won't look rightly,

W'en de fun'al 'gins ter start,
Shove mah box in tightly.
'Membah I is in de hearse;
Yo' am comin', but I'se firs'.
Ef de mo'ners grieve and mope,
So's ter make de hosses lope,
Keep de team up sprightly.

Lowah me slowly in de grave;
Drap de earf down lightly.
Needn't linger long, and, say,
'Spense wid prayer's de better way;
Don't keer ef nobody sings.
Jes' ter know de chu'ch bell rings
'S gwine ter please me might'ly.

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