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First Line: Sh-sh-sh-sh-she does not hear the r-r-r-r-robin sing
Last Line: Her b-b-b-b-by g-g-gosh! She's p-p-plaster paris!
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Nature; Speech Disorders; Turkey; Stuttering; Muteness

SH-SH-SH-SH-SHE does not hear the r-r-r-r-robin sing,
Nor f-f-f-f-feel the b-b-b-b-balmy b-b-breath of Spring;
Sh-sh-sh-she does not hear the p-p-pelting rain
B-b-b-beat ta-ta-tat-t-t-toos on the w-w-winder p-p-pane.

Sh-sh-sh-she cuc-cuc-cannot see the Autumn s-s-sky,
Nor hear the wild geese s-s-s-stringing b-b-by;
And, oh! how happy t-t-t- 'tis to know
Sh-sh-she never f-f-feels an earthly woe!

I s-s-spoke to her; sh-sh-she would not speak.
I kuk-kuk-kuk-kissed her, but c-c-cold was her cheek.
I could not twine her w-w-w-wondrous hair --
It w-w-was so wonderf-f-f-fully rare.

B-b-beside her s-s-stands a v-v-v-vase of flowers,
A gilded cuc-cuc-cuc-clock that t-t-tells the hours;
And even now the f-f-fire-light f-f-f-falls
On her, and d-d-dances on the walls.

Sh-sh-she's living in a p-p-pup-purer life,
Where there's no tu-tuh-turmoil and no strife;
No t-t-t-tongue can m-m-m-mock, no words embarrass
Her b-b-b-b-by g-g-gosh! she's p-p-plaster paris!

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