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THE WOODTICKS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: There's things out in the forest
Last Line: A-crawlin' thro' yer hair.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Forests; Insects; Spiders; Trees; Worms; Woods; Bugs

THERE'S things out in the forest
That's worser an' 'n owl,
'At gets on naughty boys 'n girls
'At allers wears a scowl.
There's things out in the forest
'At's worser 'n a lion,
'At gets on wicked boys 'n girls
'At's quarrelin' an' a-cryin'.
There's things out in the forest, mind,
An' if you do n't take care,
The woodticks -- the woodticks --
Will be crawlin' thro' yer hair.

An' they say as boys is naughty,
An' their hearts is full o' sin,
They'll crawl out in the night time
An' get underneath yer skin,
An' the doctor'll have to take a knife
An' cut 'em off jes' so,
An' if a bit of 'em is left
Another one'll grow.
An' mebbe you won't feel 'em, too,
Er ever know they're there,
But by and by they'll multiply
And crawl up in yer hair.

The devil's darnin' needle too,
'Ill come and sew yer ear.
An' make a nest inside like that,
An' then you'll never hear;
An' the jigger bugs gets on you,
An the thousand-legged worm
'Ill make you writhe, an' twist, an' groan,
An' cry, an' yell, an' squirm;
But the worst things 'at'll git you
If you lie, or steal, or swear,
Is the woodticks -- the woodticks --
A-crawlin' thro' yer hair.

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