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NEAPOLITAN, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Naples seems mostly mountains and mules
Last Line: But to fancy them flies!
Subject(s): Asses & Mules; Mountains; Naples, Italy; Mules; Hills; Downs (great Britain)

Naples seems mostly mountains and mules,
and on a cloudy occasion,
mountains have the shade of mules,
donkeys the colour of mice.
Of all Neapolitan creatures,
donkeys alone never cease:
twinkling hoofs darting madly,
crazy carts hitched to their peace.
As mountains are sure not to move,
no matter what clouds may attempt,
the donkeys look further like mites
brushing endless high walls for escape.
When such queer mice venture so far --
forget they're born donkeys --
as to clatter right up sheer heights --
at right angles regardless of laws? --
their hoofs must have grown monkey paws!
And now should those simians clamber,
nay, scale tips of peaks themselves? --
don't be surprised any longer
if they should begin crawling skies!
Then one might readily ponder --
and still not offend their Creator --
there's nothing really left over
but to fancy them flies!

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