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OZARKS PICTURESQUE, by            
First Line: Purpling hills, with silver mist enshrining
Last Line: Thanking god that beauty fills his soul.
Subject(s): Beauty; Ozarks (Mountains)

Purpling hills, with silver mist enshrining
The soft velvet green of infant wheat;
The river like a silver nymph reclining
Amid the blossoms growing at our feet.

The scarlet berries of the early haw,
The waxen green of native laurel leaves;
The tiny budding fruit of lush paw-paw,
Solomon seal like pearls bound in fragrant sheaves.

The purple-scarlet of the red bud tree,
Flung against the list of dogwood white;
The two now mingle with the wild cherry
Whose first sweet blossoms gladden travelers' sight.

The wild plums' creamy blossoms heavily sweet,
Lazy drone of bees at honey making;
The world would not have been complete
Unless God made the Ozarks at awakening.

The croak of frogs in duckweed-laden pond
The song of katydid secluded in the grass;
The chirp of cricket on a lily frond
Silenced when the wild things pass.

The zoom of dragonflies that glide
Like living jewels o'er limpid gem;
What beauty in our Ozark countryside
To reach the gladdened eye of men!

The worker, sweating at the plow,
Lapping soil in cool, deep roll,
Stops for a second as he works enow,
Thanking God that beauty fills his soul.

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