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First Line: In spending my days chasing things that are trifles
Last Line: "your pathway will enter the ""land of the holy."

In spending my days chasing things that are trifles,
In sowing the seed of the sixfold migration,
I pass through the world with my life-purpose baffled.
Since gaining a birth among those that are human,
Just now I have learned that I may become godlike;
So now I seek Buddha's help, trusting the promise.
This world, after all, -- it is only a dream-world;
And we, after all, are vain selves with dust mingled.
Our jealousies, angers, and scoffing reproaches,
All evils we do though disguised by our cunning,
At last become massed like the bulk of a mountain,
And we are cast down to "The River of Three Paths";
A fitting reward for our self-prompted actions,
Whose ills each must bear, never blaming another.
Live I a long life, -- 'tis like flashing of lightning.
Live I but one life, -- lo! 'tis lived in a dream-world.
Grow I into one life with wife and with children,
The love of such one life abides but a moment.
Think, how to the depths has my heart been affected!
Engrossed by my bonds to a world that is fleeting.
Naught led me to pray, -- "Namu Amida Buddha;"
As wind to a horse-ear were things of the future:
Reminded of death's blast, I answered, "When comes it?"
The preacher I trusted not; thought he spoke falsely:
And so has my time sped to this very moment.
Desire I thought was for good that would follow; --
Oh! how I lament as I think of what has been.
But yet in this troubled life comes consolation:
Adorable Buddha enlightens the dark way;
Has pity on all those who live in these last days'
To all gives compassion and blessed redemption,
Whose depth or whose height passes ocean or mountain.
To Buddha's salvation so bountiful, boundless.
Thanksgiving forever: -- to me it is given.
Up pointing towards heaven, down pointing 'neath heaven,
The Buddha sheds light upon all who are living.
Now, knowing the Law as the Law has been given,
The blest triple treasure, -- Rite, Priesthood, and Buddha,
I lift up my song, though I sing in a dream-world.
If sorrow and knowing are both the mind's flowering,
If demon or Buddha with each is attendant,
Then let all my faith upon knowing be centred.
Up-striving, away from "The River of Three Paths,"
A glance at the Fullness Divine of all Goodness
Will gladden my eyes, -- the reward of my striving.
Recite then the Prayer: -- for by its mere virtue
Your pathway will enter the "Land of the Holy."

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