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First Line: Sit not blindfold, soul, and sigh
Last Line: Now is immortality!
Subject(s): Immortality

SIT not blindfold, Soul, and sigh
For the immortal By-and-by!
Dreamer, seek not heaven afar
On the shores of some strange star!
This a star is -- this, thine Earth!
Here the germ awakes to birth
Of God's sacred life in thee --
Heir of immortality!
Inmost heaven its radiance pours
Round thy windows, at thy doors,
Asking but to be let in;
Waiting to flood out thy sin;
Offering thee unfailing health,
Love's refreshment, boundless wealth:
Voices at thy life's gate say,
"Be immortal, Soul, to-day!"
Thou canst shut the splendor out;
Darken every room with doubt;
From the entering angels hide
Under tinseled wefts of pride;
While the pure in heart behold
God in every flower unfold;
While the poor His kingdom share,
Reigning with Him everywhere.
Oh, let Christ and sunshine in!
Let His love its sweet way win!
Nothing human is too mean
To receive the King unseen:
Not a pleasure or a care
But celestial robes may wear;
Impulse, thought, and action may
Live immortally to-day.
Balance not in scales of time
Deathless destinies sublime!
What vague future can weigh down
This great Now that is thine own?
Love were miserly that gave
Only gifts beyond the grave.
Heaven makes every earth-plant thrive;
All things are in God alive.
Oh, the stifled bliss and mirth
At the weary heart of Earth,
We, her children, might awake!
Songs would from her bosom break;
Toil, unfettered from its curse,
God's glad purpose would rehearse,
If with Him we understood
Of creation -- "It is good."
Soul, perceive thy perfect hour!
Let thy life burst into flower!
Heaven is opening to bestow
More than thou canst think or know.
Now to thy true height arise!
Enter now thy Paradise!
In to-day, to-morrow see,
Now is immortality!

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