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First Line: If now anew the search were to be made
Last Line: Would prophesy thy coming. Thou must be!

IF now anew the search were to be made
For One to guide me onward through the gloom
Of this dim world wherein I walk afraid; --
If, like a child left in an empty room,
Homesick, alone, the silence like a tomb,
I went forth weeping, and should hear one say,
"Here, child!" another, "Yonder is the way!"
Another, "Come with me! Why care with whom?" --
I do not think I could mistake Thy call
Among ten thousand. Toward Thy voice I grope,
Brother, Friend, Lord! although with many a fall,
And sore bewilderment, and baffled hope.
My needy soul, if ignorant of Thee,
Would prophesy Thy coming. Thou must be!

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