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First Line: Little chipmunk, do you know
Last Line: That's all -- it was long ago.
Subject(s): Chipmunks; Love - Loss Of

LITTLE chipmunk, do you know
All you mean to me? --
She and I and Long Ago,
And you there in the tree;
With that nut between your paws,
Half-way to your twittering jaws,
Jaunty with your striped coat,
Puffing out your furry throat,
Eyes like some big polished seed,
Plumed tail curved like half a lyre...

We pretended not to heed --
You, as though you would inquire
"Can I trust them?" ... then a jerk,
And you'd skipped three branches higher,
Jaws again at work;
Like a little clock-work elf,
With all the forest to itself.

She was very fair to see,
She was all the world to me,
She has gone whole worlds away;
Yet it seems as though to-day,
Chipmunk, I can hear her say:
"Get that chipmunk, dear, for me --"
Chipmunk, you can never know
All she was to me.
That's all -- it was long ago.

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