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First Line: Hark! What music now comes ringing
Last Line: For its causes, you stand true.
Subject(s): Mississippi

Hark! What music now comes ringing,
Swaying softly, then so clear?
'Tis the song of Mississippi,
Sung by Federation dear.
Mississippi Federation! Join it now,
'Tis not too late,
Though organized at Kosciusko
In eighteen ninety-eight.

Mississippi Federation
Binds our hearts with loyalty,
Reaching out with friendly handclasp
Wheresoe'er the need may be.
Cotton blossom and the boll,
Pins you see on every hand,
Green and white, the colors flying,
Symbols of this mighty band.

Federation state officials
Ever busy at their task,
With their wisdom, strength untiring,
Standing there before the mast.
Seven districts have their leaders,
Each to hold the standard high.
Zones and clubs then follow after,
Striving thus to simplify.

Let us now with growing interest
For department tribute pause,
Each a loyal unit working
Everywhere to boost the cause.
American Home department problems,
Surely these will interest all;
Finance, thrift, and life insurance,
Tasks to solve by great and small.

Citizenship, how necessary;
We must always stand for right.
Law observance, immigration,
For the highest standards fight.
Now are hearts becoming anxious
The eighteenth amendment to preserve.
Bravely think it, bravely talk it,
In this way your country serve.

Literature, suggestive items
On all Federation work;
Without these to guide our footsteps,
Surely we might often shirk.
Music, how we thrill to music,
Strikes a keynote in each heart;
Songs for home, for church, for nation,
Each for beauty plays a part.

Art, its educative value
Links us to the world today;
Pottery, pictures, for our children
Beautify the common way.
Education, so creative;
Weaker ones are made more fit.
Give material gifts to aid them;
When you can, give scholarships.

International Relations,
This a vital subject, too;
Love of God and peace of nations,
Here is work for you to do.
Peace on earth! The angels sang it
Centuries ago, 'tis true;
We must strive for peace, to have it,
Let's stand by and see it through.

Legislation, use your influence,
Officials now must stand the test;
Be it local, state, or nation,
Expect each one to do his best.
Press, Publicity, so important,
Makes us all as one to think.
Praise for these department workers;
From their tasks they never shrink.

Public welfare, this a broad field,
Includes Indian Welfare, too.
Community needs, and child sufferings,
To all of these our duty do.
Conservation, last but not least,
Preserve earth's beauty where we can;
Shrubs, flowers, birds, and dreamy forests
Glorify this earth for man.

What a breadth of service find we;
In these lines let's also mention
Contests, honor points, and finance,
Institutes, and Club Extension.
As first President, Mrs. Hebron
From your memory do not sever;
First to strive for Federation,
Hers the first, great, brave endeavor.

Hark! What music now comes ringing,
Swaying softly, then so clear?
'Tis the song of Mississippi,
Sung by Federation dear.
Mississippi Federation!
Pledge your hearts and hands anew.
To the General Federation;
For its causes, you stand true.

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