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PUERTO RICO, by            
First Line: Puerto rico
Last Line: Borinquen.
Subject(s): Islands

Puerto Rico,
Isle of mountains and deep valleys,
Rich in lore of Spanish days,
Once was but a tiny sand grain
Slipped from out the hands of Nature,
Rested on the blue Caribbean.
Such a tiny runaway!
Nature, all-forgiving, smiled;
Puerto Rico, understanding, thrived.
Child of Destiny!
Fertile fields with stores of gold,
Sugar cane of apple green,
Laden boughs of coffee trees,
Fruits, the like unknown of old,
Made a garden of wealth untold.
Tiny Isle
Wove a crown of native blooms,
Bound them gently with the love vine,
Interspersed with bits of blues
Gathered from the deep sea's bosom.
Gift of child to Mother Nature.
With lavish hand
Return was given, by wave of magic wand;
A land of sunshine, love, and flowers,
Hopes fulfilled, and lilting hearts.
Happiness, with gilded wings,
Played so gently the harp strings,
That reverberated joys
Lived and shared in fair

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