Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, TO A RATTLE SNAKE READY TO STRIKE, by JAMES CHRISTIAN LINDBERG

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First Line: Fork-tongued, furtive charmer!
Last Line: And cruel, primal curse.
Subject(s): Cruelty; Poisons & Poisoning; Rattlesnakes

Fork-tongued, furtive charmer!
I fear your poisoned fangs;
I tremble when I see you coil
In self defense.
Your warning rattle
Strikes frozen terror to the heart
Of man and beast.
I hate you, loathe you, for your deadly sting.
And yet ...
I stand in reverent awe
Before your all-compelling charms—
Your firm-poised head,
Your jet-black eyes,
Your graceful coil on coil which holds
Your fatal thrust,
The perfect symmetry
That marks your tawny coat,
The tantalizing, nervous tail;
You are, when all is said,
But one of God's consummate creatures
Whom He pronounced as "good."

And so ...
I must absolve you from your ancient guilt
And cruel, primal curse.

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