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First Line: Queen of heaven, of hell eke emperess
Last Line: To thy five joys that have devotion.
Subject(s): Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Women - Bible; Virgin Mary

Queen of Heaven, of Hell eke Emperess,
Lady of this world, O very lodestar
To mariners 'gainst all mortal distress
In their passage that they do not err;
Thy look of mercy cast down from so far
On all thy servants by chaste compassion,
Grant them good peace, save them from mortal war,
To thy five Joys that have devotion.

Celestial Cypress set upon Syon,
Highest Cedar of perfit holiness,
Carbuncle of charity and green emerald stone,
Whole and unbroken in virginal clearness;
O Sapphire, loupe all swelling to repress
On cankered sores and venomous feloun,
In ghostly woundes by their governess,
To thy five Joys that have devotion.

Rod of Aaron, gracious and benign;
Well of all grace and merciful pity,
Where the Holy Ghost list to close and sign
The crystal cloister of thy Virginity;
Balm of Engadi 'gainst all infirmity,
Of folk that languish to tribulation,
Preserve and keep from all adversity,
To thy five Joys that have devotion.

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