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First Line: They have no more wine!' she said
Last Line: Brimming full of heavenly wine.
Subject(s): Cana, Galilee; Drinks & Drinking; Feasts; Jesus Christ; Marriage; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Water; Wedding Song; Women - Bible; Wine; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Virgin Mary; Epithalamium

"THEY have no more wine!" she said.
But they had enough of bread;
And the vessels by the door
Held for thirst a plenteous store:
Yes, enough; but Love divine
Turned the water into wine!

When should wine like water flow,
But when home two glad hearts go!
When, in sacred bondage bound,
Soul in soul hath freedom found!
Such the time when, holy sign,
Jesus turned the water wine.

Good is all the feasting then;
Good the merry words of men;
Good the laughter and the smiles;
Good the wine that grief beguiles;—
Crowning good, the Word divine
Turning water into wine!

Friends, the Master with you dwell!
Daily work this miracle!
When fair things too common grow,
Bring again their heavenly show!
Ever at your table dine,
Turning water into wine!

So at last you shall descry
All the patterns of the sky:
Earth a heaven of short abode;
Houses temples unto God;
Water-pots, to vision fine,
Brimming full of heavenly wine.

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