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TIGER!, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: There is a tiger in our hall
Last Line: He's not the boss of me!
Subject(s): Animals; Children; Tigers; Childhood

THERE is a TIGER in our hall—
He lies so flat and still
He never seems to move at all,
But, some time, p'r'aps he will!

He never turns his head when I
Come downstairs on tiptoes,
Nor ever looks as I pass by,
But every time he knows—

He knows when I come in from play
And when I go to bed,
He knows the things I want to say
And everything I've said.

One day I said: "I'm not afraid
Of any old, dead skin!"
And, though no slightest sound he made,
I felt that Tiger grin!

Some day, when I am grown up tall,
I'll step on him!—you'll see,
I'll teach that Tiger in our hall
He's not the boss of me!

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