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A MOTHER'S FUNERAL, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Ah! Sune ye'll lay yer mither doon in her lanely bed and narrow
Last Line: O love their god, and be gude bairns, and o love ane anither!
Subject(s): Death - Mothers; Dead, The

AH! sune ye'll lay yer mither doon in her lanely bed and narrow;
But, till ye're sleeping by her side, ye'll never meet her marrow!
A faither's love is strong and deep, and ready is a brither's, --
A sister's love is pure and sweet -- but what love's like a mither's?

Ye maunna greet owre muckle, bairns, as round the fire ye gaither,
And see the twa chairs empty then, o' mither and o' faither;
Nor dinna let yer hearts be dreich, when wintry winds are blawin',
And on their graves, wi' angry sugh, the snelly drift is snawin';

But think of blyther times gane by -- the mony years of blessing,
When sorrow pass'd the door, and nane frae 'mang ye a' were missing.
And mind the peacefu' gloamin' hours when the out-door wark was endin',
And after time, when auld grey heads wi'yours in prayer were bendin'.

And think hoo happy baith are noo, abune a' thocht or tellin';
For they're at hame, and young again, within their Faither's dwellin'.
Sae gin ye wish to meet up there yer faither and yer mither,
O love their God, and be gude bairns, and O love ane anither!

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