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CURLER'S SONG, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: A' nicht it was freezin', a' nicht I was sneezin'
Last Line: Then hurrah, etc.
Subject(s): Singing & Singers

A' NICHT it was freezin', a' nicht I was sneezin';
"Tak' care," quo' the wifie, "gudeman, o' yer cough;"
A fig for the sneezin', hurrah for the freezin'!
This day we're to play the bonspiel on the loch!
Then get up, my auld leddy, the breakfast get ready,
For the sun on the snawdrift's beginning to blink,
Gie me bannocks or brochan, I am aff for the lochan,
To mak' the stanes flee to the tee o' the rink!

Chorus -- Then hurrah for the curlin' frae Girvan to Stirlin'!
Hurrah for the lads o' the besom and stane! [noo!"
"Soop it up!" "ready noo!" "clap a guard!" "steady
Oh! curlin' abune every game stan's alane!
The ice it is splendid, it canna be mended --
Like a glass ye may glow'r on't and shave aff your beard;
And see hoo they gether, comin' owre the brown heather,
The servant and master, the tenant and laird!
There's brave Jamie Fairlie, he's there late and early,
Better curlers than him or Tam Conn canna be.
Wi' the lads frae Kilwinnin', they'll send the stanes spinnin'
Wi' whirr an' a curr till they sit roun' the tee.
Then hurrah, etc.

It's an unco-like story that baith Whig and Tory
Maun aye collyshangie like dogs owre a bane;
And a' denominations are wanting in patience,
For nae kirk will thole to let ithers alane;
But in the frosty weather let a' meet thegither,
Wi' a broom in their haun' and a stane by the tee,
And then, by my certes, ye'll see hoo a' parties
Like brithers will love and like brithers agree!
Then hurrah, etc.

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