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THE DAWNING OF THE DAY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Twas a balmy summer morning
Last Line: In the dim chill dawn of day!
Subject(s): Dawn; June; Sunrise

'Twas a balmy summer morning,
Warm and early,
Such as only June bestows;
Everywhere the earth adorning,
Dews lay pearly
In the lily-bell and rose.
Up from each green-leafy bosk and hollow
Rose the blackbird's pleasant lay;
And the soft cuckoo was sure to follow:
'Twas the dawning of the day!

Through the perfumed air the golden
Bees flew round me;
Bright fish dazzled from the sea,
Till medreamt some fairy olden-
World spell bound me
In a trance of witcherie.
Steeds pranced round anon with stateliest housings,
Bearing riders prankt in rich array,
Like flushed revelers after wine-carousings:
'Twas the dawning of the day!

Then a strain of song was chanted,
And the lightly
Floating sea-nymphs drew anear.
Then again the shore seemed haunted
By hosts brightly
Clad, and wielding sword and spear!
Then came battle shouts -- an onward rushing --
Swords, and chariots, and a phantom fray.
Then all vanished: the bright skies were blushing
In the dawning of the day!
Cities girt with glorious gardens,
Whose immortal
Habitants in robes of light
Stood, methought, as angel-wardens
Nigh each portal,
Now arose to daze my sight.
Eden spread around, revived and blooming;
When -- lo! as I gazed, all passed away:
I saw but black rocks and billows looming
In the dim chill dawn of day!

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