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THE SWING, by            
First Line: Jared ran under me
Last Line: With johnny's hair purple and red in the sun.
Subject(s): Play; Swings

Jared ran under me,
Jared is tall,
I sped like an arrow that never can fall
Straight out into the light.

Peter ran under me shouting with glee,
I was a child on a frolicsome spree.
Backward I leaned, stretching, toe-tips to crown,
Till hairpins were scattered and locks tangled down,

Philip ran under,
Swift honey-sweet bees,
Dreams drifted far on the fragrant breeze,
Over the pasture brook,
Over the bars,
Over the daises that twinkled like stars,
Over white thorn-apple trees.

Johnny ran under me, hair like a flame,
Orange and purple and red he came,
Purple and orange and red,
And I --
I was a cloud on a wind-wild sky.
And under,
And low,
Then high --
High as his long strong arms could fling,
High, high, and higher,
Until the great swing
Seemed tempest, tornado, enveloping might
That whirled cloud and sun into dizzying flight.
Days flared to sunsets,
Sunsets hurled dawns.
Earth was a riot of tree-tops and lawns,
A riot of birdsong and freedom and fun
With Johnny's hair purple and red in the sun.

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