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First Line: Who sits the type? Proof
Subject(s): Typesetting

An edition of 1702 in which David,
in Psalm 19:161, complains that "printers
have persecuted me without cause" (instead of "princes")

Who sits the type? Proofs
these profs? Chooses well-dead
from well-read? Whoever they our
their libel to liable. All the snooze
that's prit to fint. Put to front.
Pritty fun, pretty font, enough
to fool the psalmist with.
A palmist width? But whose got
there goad if God's gott
they're goat? Go get your
Guttenbergs while the getting's
food. Front page noose:
laddies and gendermen,
mean and omen of the press,
N.B: not well! I half been
persaquitted by punsters without gauze!
The humors of Tobit's obit
are gratingly exonerated (the wake
Was fake). killed -- or was it
willed? -I can't tell witch-
by men I don't know form Madam.
Why me, for trying out loud?
For heaven's snake!?

Copyright Kevin McFadden

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