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BLANCHE, by            
First Line: God did not make her very wise
Last Line: All good — yet she is scarcely fair.
Subject(s): Faces; Mouths; Scars; Tragedy; Ugliness

GOD did not make her very wise,
But carved a strangeness round her mouth;
He put great sorrow in her eyes,
And softness for men's souls in drouth.
And on her face, for all to see,
The seal of awful tragedy.

God did not make her very fair,
But white and lithe and strange and sweet;
A subtle fragrance in her hair,
A slender swiftness in her feet,
And in her hands a slow caress —
God made these for my steadfastness.

God did not give to her a heart,
But there is that within her face
To make men long to muse apart
Until they goodness find and grace,
And think to read and worship there
All good — yet she is scarcely fair.

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