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ADVENTURES APLENTY LAY BEFORE YOU, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: I cannot know what an innocent I am
Last Line: Too cold to resist
Subject(s): Absence; Death; Fathers & Daughters; Mourning; Separation; Isolation; Dead, The; Bereavement

I cannot know what an innocent I am
letting you get to a new world first
for truth to tell the life's gone out of it
thicket razed to the coast
motels by God bus fumes
but you're desperate time is of the essence
now that it's exactly a year
every day in fact seems exactly a year
to some of us but nevermind
dead a year and still scrutinizing my motives?
though you've barely given us a thought
it cracks the skull around your heart
a gourd as full of seeds as a forest
dear father of bear and deer

You would like to move right
into the heart of the wilderness
because you have the hunter's eye
"Oh there will be fighting all right" you said
I remember you pushed your foot
through one of the burning logs
I wait all morning and not
because I think you'll show
you're fickle and I'm not available
I have another life suddenly your clothes
render you skin and bones
you're a ghost when we embrace so it's torture
like the luxury of showing me the sea as a child
too cold to resist

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