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FRAGMENTS FOR MY VOYEURISTIC BIOGRAPHER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Write that I started in barcelona
Last Line: I leave you the fragments the furniture the horrible fatigue
Subject(s): Biography; Gays & Lesbians; Promiscuity; Truth; Biographers

Write that I started in Barcelona
straining against a man on a balcony
Tell how I heard fears on the stair and devoted myself to them

Write those lies because no one is interested in formalities
No one will assume that the stairs were uninhabitable
that the blond man and I were never intimate

Go ahead say I was perverse
letting the others whisper in hotel lobbies
while I went upstairs to finger the spices and ivory

All right I was there I extracted confessions from young women
I stayed in bed all day and listened
knowing I was mistaken I was vulgar

I touched them only at twilight and only because when they left
I was indifferent
I saw their damp eyes their apartments I underwent terrors of lucidity

Imagine their long hairs wiping my back
their nervous kisses

I tell you there was nothing worse than their genuine shudderings
their young lips

Say what you want
I was morbid I was intelligent
I leave you the fragments the furniture the horrible fatigue

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