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First Line: I sing the song of a new dawn waking
Last Line: Man is facing the rising sun!
Subject(s): Patriotism

I sing the song of a new Dawn waking,
A new wind shaking the children of men.
I say the hearts that are nigh to breaking
Shall leap with gladness and live again.
Over the woe of the world appalling,
Wild and sweet as a bugle cry,
Sudden I hear a new voice calling—
"Beauty is nigh! "

Beauty is nigh! Let the world believe it.
Love has covered the fields of dead.
Healing is here! Let the earth receive it,
Greeting the Dawn with lifted head.
I sing the song of the sin forgiven,
The deed forgotten, the wrong undone.
Lo, in the East, where the dark is riven,
Shines the rim of the rising sun.

Healing is here! O brother, sing it!
Laugh, O heart, that has grieved so long.
Love will gather your woe and fling it
Over the world in waves of song.
Hearken, mothers, and hear them coming—
Heralds crying the day at hand.
Faint and far as the sound of drumming,
Hear their summons across the land.

Look, O fathers! Your eyes were holden—
Armies throng where the dead have lain.
Fiery steeds and chariots golden—
Gone is the dream of soldiers slain.
Sing, oh, sing of a new world waking,
Sing of creation just begun.
Glad is the earth when morn is breaking—
Man is facing the rising sun!

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