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First Line: Have you seen god's christmas tree in the sky
Last Line: To this tree of god in paradise?
Subject(s): Angels; Christmas Trees; Gifts & Giving; Heaven; Magic; Paradise

HAVE you seen God's Christmas tree in the sky,
With its trillions of tapers blazing high,
With its star-strung branches that reach so far —
Clear up through the spaces where angels are?

Hush — listen! If you look close with me
I'll show you this magical Christmas tree —
This tree of God, with its branches wide,
The flame for the angels at Christmastide.

Oh, its great, wide branches are powdered white
With silver dust from the stars at night —
Branches laden with wealth untold —
Wreaths and ribbons and ropes of gold!

Chain on chain of luminous things —
Suns and satellites — moons and rings —
Hung high up where the angels are —
Can you trace the branches from star to star?

And look — hung low for our mortal sight,
A luminous globe of silver white!
And yonder — sheer in the frosty air —
A dipper of diamonds dazzling fair!

Oh, if you and I could look and see,
With souls bared clear to its mystery —
This tree, with its millions of jewelled strands,
And its tapers lighted by cherub hands —

Who knows what marvels might beam and blaze
To thrill our souls with a rapt amaze!
Who knows but the branches might part to view
With the faces of angels shining through?

Oh, the marvellous gifts of this tree divine —
Gifts that are yours — gifts that are mine —
Dropped by the angels adown the sky —
From the great wide branches so high — so high!

There's a gift of peace and a gift of love,
And a gift of faith from the spheres above;
There's a gift of hope for those who mourn —
Whose homes are blighted, whose hearths are lorn.

For high up there in God's love and light,
Who knows but the ones we miss to-night
Are hanging the tapers to guide our eyes
To this tree of God in Paradise?

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