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TO THEOCRITUS, by            
First Line: Theocritus, thou singer of old greece
Last Line: Thou foundest for greek shepherds on the hills.
Subject(s): Theocritus (310-250 B.c.); Wellesley College

THEOCRITUS, thou singer of Old Greece,
Lover of meadows green and starlit streams
And olive trees spreading a shadowy peace,
Lover of lovers and their joyous dreams, --
We need thee in this world of pain and grief
To find us some deep-rooted happiness.
Cannot thy spirit wander back to earth
To strengthen our belief
In both divine and human kindliness,
And give to simple joy another birth?

It is not that we sicken at the pain,
For pain is truth, and truth is very life,
But joy is also truth, and that in vain
We search for in the turmoil and the strife.
But thou couldst find it, for thy spirit true
Was quick to penetrate to life's own core
And see the happiness with which it thrills,
Ancient, yet ever new.
O, find for us such joy as once before
Thou foundest for Greek shepherds on the hills.

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