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CHEEK OF JUNE, by                    
First Line: Roses are red for summer's blood runs sealed
Last Line: Knowing they pledge their faith in summer's heart.
Alternate Author Name(s): Cutter, Elizabeth Reeve
Subject(s): Flowers; Red (color); Roses; Summer

Roses are red for Summer's blood runs sealed
Through root and seed, through stem and petalled wing,
Like scarlet banners on a sullen field
Their color stabs the frightened green of spring.
Forgotten altars leaping to a flame
Are not more ardent when the spark is bred
Than quiet gardens startled to the same
Sweet throb of triumph when a rose runs red.
Here Summer's hasty passion ebbs and flows
Flushing the cheek of June for a brief hour
With fragile loveliness perfection knows
As if all beauty blossomed in one flower.
So lovers give a red rose when they part,
Knowing they pledge their faith in Summer's heart.

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