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First Line: Rose or jasmine?
Last Line: And the sunflower of thy heart!
Subject(s): Flowers; Gardens & Gardening; Hearts; Love; Sunflowers

Rose or jasmine?
Champak or shephali?
Or a poppy-lamp with dewy flame ...
What bringest to the Temple, maid?

Garlands of Shiuli,
That, dew-diamond-like,
The stars made on the green blades
In their own eternal image?

Is it a lotus,
The evening lily —
A star, that day leaves at night's altar?
Or the morning sun?

None of these?
Not the morning star?
Nor the white chalice of trance, the Dhutura?
What flower, then, for this dawn's altar?

A garland of thine emotions, these!
Ah! lotuses from thine
Endless lake of love;
And the sunflower of thy heart!

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