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First Line: Gold spears on the hill
Last Line: Heaven's far away!
Alternate Author Name(s): Gilbert, Lady

GOLD spears on the hill,
And the dawn flying
After the dark!
The world's drowsy still;
What is that voice crying
Before the lark?

Echo? Of what sound?
An angel blowing
A reed silver-holed?
Seraphs piping around
(There, where the light's flowing)
On pipes of gold?

Shrill, sweet on the wind,
From the gold, riven
Cloud of the morn,
And glory hid behind
Chanticleer in heaven
Cries 'Day is born!'

Out there in the blue,
The world of spirit,
He shakes his wings
Free of immortal dew,
And shrill with joy (you hear it)
His matins sings.

Perched on a long sun-ray,
Gold, o'er the river,
Heaven's chanticleer
Proclaims immortal day,
Forever and forever,
To mortal ear.

Peter, no more, no more
Weep a sin forgiven,
For sin's foregone.
Sorrow is all of yore,
And this is heaven.
Now death is done.

So, the enchanting bird,
Crowing, crowing,
For joyance sings:
Man hath overheard --
Time is halting and slowing,
And life hath wings.

Now, with full eye,
Gazeth upon it
The sun of earth;
Echoes fade and die.
Heaven and who have won it
Seem little worth.

Crow, cock on the barn,
Sing, wood-throstle,
Stream, leap in the tarn;
Our mortal day
Is loud with its morning bustle:
Heaven's far away!

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