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HERO AND LEANDER: THE LOVES OF HERO AND LEANDER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Sing, muse! The conscious torch, whose nightly ray
Last Line: Each was the radiant star of either shore.
Subject(s): Dardanelles; Hero And Leander; Hellespont

SING, Muse! the conscious torch, whose nightly ray
Led the bold lover through the watery way,
To share those joys which mutual faith hath sealed,
Joys to divine Aurora unrevealed.
Abydos, Sestos, ancient towns, proclaim,
Where gentlest bosoms glowed with purest flame.
I hear Leander dash the foaming tide!
Fixed high in air, I see the glimmering guide!
The genial flame, the love-enkindling light,
Signal of joy that burned serenely bright;
Whose beams, in fair effulgency displayed,
Adorned the nuptials of the Sestian maid:
Which Jove, its friendly office to repay,
Should plant, all-glorious, in the realms of day,
To blaze forever midst the stars above,
And style it gentle harbinger of Love.
Against Abydos sea-beat Sestos stood,
Two neighboring towns, divided by the flood:
Here Cupid proved his bow's unerring art,
And gained two conquests with a single dart:
On two fond hearts the sweet infection preyed,
A youth engaging and a beauteous maid:
Of Sestos she, fair Hero was her name;
The youth, Leander, from Abydos came.
Their forms divine a bright resemblance bore,
Each was the radiant star of either shore.

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